Welcome to the Leicester Fire Brigade Museum Society

In 1968 the Auxiliary Fire Service was disbanded, this resulted in many former personnel having to find something else to do. The then Chief Fire Officer, Eddie McCoy, knew that a 1939 Morris Commercial Pump Escape had been retired from service and donated to Leicester museums. An ideal project for a group of former Auxiliary Fire Service personnel to use their time and skills.

In 1969 they became known as Leicester City Fire Brigade Museum society. The name was adopted from the Leicester City Fire Brigade as it had joined with the County to become Leicestershire Fire Service. In 1972 the society gained charity status.

The renovation of 4 more vehicles followed, these were regularly taken to events around the county. Until due to policy changes outside our control, the society became independent and we had to build our own collection. As you will read it was also decided that as we were to drive and show ex-service machines that we ought to be a uniformed group to present the equipment properly to the public.

Our Members

We have one aim that we have not yet achieved, and that is a permanent home where we can open our doors to schools and the public. We are a small group that needs your support financially; we do raise funds ourselves to keep operating.
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Our Fire Engines

As you will read on our website we have a rang of different fire engines from a variety of time periods. We are passionate and dedicated to renovating and restoring these fire engines that have shaped the fire engines that are used today.
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Our Events

We are used to providing an historic, educational and helpful display at events where people can look round at fire engines that they may only have seen dashing past, and as a by product to remind people of the importance of fire safety.
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